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Turning Yourself In Fully:

As I continue to learn and grow with Jesus, and as I learn daily from others and LaRette, while in prayer, it became very clear to me that we can directly add to the suffering to others that have massive implications that can truly set others off course. My ministry teacher often talks of how people can go “rogue.” We cannot control this, and often times, it has damaging consequences to those we love, and ourselves. Hindsight is 20:20 and we often fail to correct this. The damage is done and things can be damaged in an instant. That is why daily correction with the Holy Spirit is needed. We need not be afraid of this.

Currently, I am working on a new book, and the theme of the material is to be obedient to God, and when He asks you to follow through on something for yourself or others, to do it and to do it consistently, without hesitation. 

Aforementioned, when I was in prayer, I had this vision of someone close to me being deeply impacted by the selfish choices someone else had made with their lives by not getting the proper help they needed. This individual now was suffering from being behind in their bills and their immune function had suffered recently due to stress and having to take on extra income. It made me realize that I still had not fully surrendered and turned my own issues over fully to the Lord. In that moment, I realized that due to my own pain still, this one little pleasure was keeping me hooked into Satan’s system because I felt tired and like I wasn’t getting anything in return. However, I realized that I truly didn’t want to be a liability to anyone moving forward, and the only I could truly be the man I was meant to be was to turn myself in fully, not 80 percent to Jesus. When I saw how this individual who I loved and respected being hurt, I did not want to give the same thing in return to myself, them, or anyone else in the future.

Today, I encourage you to do a deep dive with the Lord, and to let go of any fear that you maybe holding onto regarding your life. Fully surrender and ask where you may have a tendency to go rogue with your life or where Satan has you numbed out. 

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