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The Love Well Letters

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“It is appointed man once to die, a future from which we cannot escape. When faced with this reality, what truly matters in the end? Having been given a prognosis that my life may end sooner than I had hoped, I examined my life deeply. I wanted to leave a legacy, yet I had no wife or children. This has become the sum of my experiences…Did I love well? Did I love myself well so that I could love others well?

As a result of coming face to face with death, leaving a past in the New Age and the occult, and the experience of nearly being married, I share my perspective on life and love. Within these pages, a series of letters will speak to your mind, heart, and spirit, prayerfully, cause you to draw closer to the Trinity, deeply examine your life, and help you feel empowered to make changes where there are deficiencies and causing a strengthening of character. May wisdom be gained and may all learn to love well…these are “The Love Well Letters.”

About the author:

Jeff Tierney is an ex-new ager with a background in social services and transpersonal/parapsychology. He lives and works in Omaha, Nebraska, where he enjoys reading Scripture, praying, nutrition and supplements, exercise, helping others, making positive, witty t-shirts, Huskers Football, 1:1 accountability coaching, growing closer to Christ, and random tomfoolery.

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