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My Story

 Why I love what I do

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The vision for creating Sound Mind started with love centered t-shirts in 2005, and had been on my heart for 13 years. Sound Mind has evolved to writing "Get Your Act Together, A 30 Day Accountability Journal," The Accountability Blog, other books based on love, connection, the importance of vulnerability, walking in your life purpose and with God, and never taking time for granted. Sound Mind is also currently in the process of working on herbal supplements to help individuals with optimal health and well-being.

In 2005, I sustained a brainstem stroke from what is called a patent foramen ovale.  When a baby is growing in the womb, there is a normal opening between the left and right atria (upper chambers) of the heart.  If this opening fails to close naturally soon after the baby is born, the hole is then called a Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO).  In my case, I  had developed a blood clot in my leg during a trip to Colorado due to a clotting disorder. 

Due to this blood clotting factor, a blood clot formed in my leg, which then caused the clot to pass from the right side to the left side of my heart, through the PFO, and to the brain, which then caused the blood clot to become lodged in the brain, with the end result being a stroke.

The PFO was then surgical repaired through heart surgery with an Amplatzer Septal Occulder Device in the heart to seal the PFO.

After the device was placed, I  started to experience TIA’s, migraines , and seizures multiple times a week for two years. In May of 2007, it was discovered that the Septal Occluder device was causing my neurological symptoms due to a nickel nickel allergy that I had to the device. In October of 2008, I had the device removed with a 70 percent chance of not surviving the surgery. By the Grace of God, I survived. 


After going through severe illness and facing death, I felt that my relationship with God deepened and I felt that there were certain concepts and sayings that were that could help individuals who had gone through serious illness in order to start recovering and regaining their strength and health. More importantly, to focus on love as a path to healing. 


The idea of Sound Mind and it's books, herbal formulas, and Lovecentered tees and it sayings were formed from this experience and lesson in life. My hope is that each of these sayings inspire you to live from a place of purpose and love in your life and to be the best version of yourself that God intended you to be. In addition add a bit of wit and humor into your life. I appreciate your support along the way!





Founder of Sound Mind

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