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Get Your Act Together: 30-Day Accountability Journal 

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Inspiration for the Accountability Journal:

The intent of this journal is to help individuals in their daily walk toward being a Christ-centered person and in hearing the Holy Spirit when working in the realm of a person’s soul wounds. This journal came about after my relationship ended with the woman whom I thought I would marry. I was shown that the lack of accountability and working in one’s divided heart can destroy a wonderful plan that God has for two individuals to come together in unity. Also, throughout my 20 years of practice in social services and my experience in the Body of Christ, I have seen how the lack of accountability, as well as pride and fear, keep people from realizing their true value for the Kingdom of God. Thus, this journal is relevant for others during this time in history in which we see a lack of accountability each day — and a continuous drift away from loving one another. 


We are living in a time when relationships and marriages are being destroyed. The divorce rate is at an all time high of 61%, and few take the marriage covenant that they make with God seriously anymore. We have become so immersed in technology that heart-to-heart communication seems like a thing of the past.

The point of this journal is to start taking an inventory of yourself — your thoughts, feelings, words, actions, and attitudes toward yourself and others. It is designed to move you toward Christ and others on a daily basis. It is designed to bring more love and joy into your life and to enhance your relationships and human connections. This journal is not about beating yourself up or about striving for perfection. This journal is about listening to the Voice of the Holy Spirit so that you love yourself and others more on a daily basis. It is to help you face your deepest personal fears and to do the emotional soul-wound work that you need to get yourself out of the way of the Spirit’s direction in your life.

Author Bio:

Jeffrey Tierney is an ex-new ager, now a Christian, with a background in social services and transpersonal/parapsychology. He is the author of Get Your Act Together: A 30-Day Accountability Journal.

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