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“The author, Jeffrey T. Tierney courageously journeys into the dark night of his soul’s experiences and invites us along with him. The invitation is simply not to journey along with him through his grievous experiences, but through the probing questions he had to ask himself become questions for each of us to consider.  It’s not a kind of sleight of hand, but rather an opportunity to unearth our own buried experience we have done intentionally or unintentionally. The Love Well Letters is not a quick read, but a book that beg us to spend time alone in hopes of finding the healing balm to allow a growing sense of freedom in our lives. It’s a read for those who dare examine oneself and longs to be well.”

--Neil Taylor, Author of the Great Unfixables

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"This journal provides freedom and space to deep dive with the Holy Spirit looking into one’s current level of self accountability and find areas ready for great growth!! The questions are bold and to the point, yet from a place of love to encourage removing hindrances and allowing God to step in and shape you into who you are created to be!! Buckle up for some hard but key questions that could propel you farther into genuine and powerful change!!"

--Jennifer L.

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