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Message to my Readers and Clients

Hello, my name is Jeff Tierney. Thank you for visiting my website.

I had drifted away from Jesus for almost 20 years. Scripture states that Satan is the God of this world for now. I have seen how most of the systems of this Earth are designed to keep people living away from the trinity instead of living in the Spirit. 


I lived a lot of my life in this realm until I came back to Jesus and started to receive His promises from His Word. I was deceived by the promises of Satan’s false light systems instead of Christ’s teachings and the new age. I am a sinner delivered by His grace and saved by His precious blood. I thank God and Jesus for saving me from this deception. 

The new age and occult are designed to keep you living in the realm of the soul and the mind, and not walking in alignment with the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. 


Learning how to Walk in the Spirit is an everyday journey. So, writing for me, is about helping my audience identify key issues of pain in their lives and have them walk that out with the Holy Spirit daily in the form of sanctification.

This can be in the process of being sanctified on whatever issues we are being presented with in our lives on a spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, or financial level. The most important way we walk in the Spirit that I have learned is by turning every area of our lives over to Jesus and his Father.


Being able to write about accountability and love and walking toward Christ in our relationships toward others for greater depth and intimacy is why I feel compelled to write. I offer the reader a perspective of what it’s like to deal with life’s struggles and come face to face with death. You can gain perspective of the things that truly matter in the end vs what the elites of this world and Satan want you to believe that matters.


The Lord has given me the vision to be real and raw with others. I am not perfect, nor is there a quick, short cut process. I am real about the struggles I have been through. The process isn’t about perfection or going fast. It’s about doing the work and growing closer in love to Christ, yourself, and others. It’s giving everything to the Lord each day, 100 percent. 

My writing is committed to helping the reader focus on the following issues: (1) Healing your divided heart with the trinity; (2) Stop making excuses and face yourself; (3) Say you’re sorry; (4) Accountability; (5) Growing closer in love and intimacy with Christ and God and others; (6) Sewing Love into others and having them sew love into you; (7) Seeing value in others and yourself in God’s Kingdom; (8) Increasing self-awareness in yourself, especially in communication and conflict resolution with those you love; (9) Vulnerability; (10) Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance; (11) Communication from a heart-centered and vulnerable level, as well as keeping the masculine and feminine levels in check; (12) Helping couples get closer with one another; (13) Staying grounded in the Word and Walking in the Spirit, not the Soul Wound Realm. Walking in wisdom and revelation from the Holy Spirit; (14) Urgency or not taking anything or anyone in life for granted; and (15) Helping others find their Book of Life Purpose for the Kingdom of God; and (16) Using parapsychology and occult experiences as needed to help people understand that the principalities and powers are our biggest battle that we face, and the importance of renewing our mind in the Word.

Who is my ideal client or reader?

My ideal client or reader is searching for a relationship with Christ. A person who is looking for true deliverance and is committed to healing. A person who is willing to look at their belief systems and heal those with the Word of God. A person who is ready to take accountability for every area of their life…spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and financial. Someone who can learn to take authority in Jesus’ name and rebuke the enemy. We have to learn discernment and priorities in our lives to get us to where God wants us to go. The goal isn’t about perfection, but willingness to go deeper into our divided hearts with the trinity to become the kingdom man or woman that God created us to be in a very dark and fallen world. 

My ideal client or reader is someone who wants to learn how to operate at a very high level of self-awareness with the Holy Spirit. Someone who doesn’t want to make excuses and is committed to love and working toward Jesus. Again, it’s not about perfection or beating yourself up. It’s about Ephesians 5:1 “We are called to be imitators of God.” My ideal clients is someone who is committed to being in the Word day and night and operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit as well. Someone who is willing to learn to be vulnerable and authentic.

How am I equipped to help?

For over 20 years, I have served as a Child and Adult protective services worker helping children and families reunite. I have seen firsthand the problems of growing up in a dysfunctional family system of my own, as well as working with other families and the generational curses that are passed on. Often, medicine and psychology fail at breaking these curses, and is daft at recognizing when a legitimate, demonic spiritual issue is afflicting a person, even if they are Christian.


The church often fails at truly helping people with spiritual warfare because these types of teachings on the demonic do not often keep the money rolling in for very long. Personally, being deeply entrenched in parapsychology academically and personally, as well as being deeply engaged in the new age and occult, I have different perspectives to offer on subjects as well, and how important it is to be engaged in a life of prayer and studying the Word of God. Both by its worldly leaders and by Satan and his minions. I hope my writings can encourage you to connect with the Word of God and the Holy Spirit to continue to bring joy and love to your life and bring out the best in you and your life for the Kingdom of God.

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