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An Important Message to My Clients:


     Due to the state of the affairs in the world, and because I have also been in place in my life because of severe medical illness and financial hardship where I could not afford the basics of life, I will be taking on 1-2 pro-bono clients a month through a screening and financial aid process.


     In addition, I will also have a sliding fee scale in which prices will vary according to your income, need, or financial hardship that you are currently experiencing in your life. Sometimes, this maybe something we pray about together and whatever you can afford. From there, a determined price for sessions will be set.  I do not want anyone to be turned away because of their financial situation in life. Accountability is key in every area of life.


     I will ask you to fill out a basic financial aid application form, proof of your monthly income, and a few other key pieces of information.

Financial Aid Donation
1:1 Accountability Coaching Session

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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