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Media Kit for The Love Well Letters!

Here is my media kit for The Love Well Letters. I appreciate your love and support. Pass onto those who you feel will benefit from the new book. Here is the link to buy the book as well!

Media Kit

Contact Information:

Jeffrey Tierney

Phone: 402-214-7002

Book Information:

Publisher: Sound Mind Books

Format: Paperback, Kindle

Price: 20.00 for Paperback, 9.99 Kindle Version

Where to purchase? Amazon,

ISBN: 978-1-58502-066-9


Target Audience:

Individual Christians                                                                                 

Church Groups (Men, Women, Youth, etc.)

Single Mothers, Couples, Husband and Wives

Teens, College Students

Individuals looking to come back to Christ or who are looking at Christ as an answer, but are not sure.




Inspiration for The Love Well Letters:

The intent of The Love Well Letters is to help individuals in their daily walk toward towards becoming more Christ like, and helping others reflect deeply on their lives to where changes needed to be made.

“If you have letters in your heart and things left unsaid, write them from love with the help of the Holy Spirit; say what you need to say. Time is the greatest illusion in life. We are not ever guaranteed tomorrow. Proclaim your love. Say you’re sorry. Make amends. You won’t regret it. Write your Letter to Someone. We are given one chance in this life. Thrive because this is not a dress rehearsal.”




 Book Description:


“It is appointed man once to die, a future from which we cannot escape. When faced with this reality, what truly matters in the end? Having been given a prognosis that my life may end sooner than I had hoped, I examined my life deeply. I wanted to leave a legacy, yet I had no wife or children. This has become the sum of my experiences…Did I love well? Did I love myself well so that I could love others well?

As a result of coming face to face with death, leaving a past in the New Age and the occult, and the experience of nearly being married, I share my perspective on life and love. Within these pages, a series of letters will speak to your mind, heart, and spirit, prayerfully, cause you to draw closer to the Trinity, deeply examine your life, and help you feel empowered to make changes where there are deficiencies and causing a strengthening of character. May wisdom be gained, and may all learn to love well…these are “The Love Well Letters.




Author Bio:


Jeffrey Tierney is an ex-new ager,

now a Christian, with a

background in social services and

transpersonal/parapsychology. He is also

the author of Get Your Act Together:

A 30-Day Accountability Journal.


 Theme of Work:


Jeffrey’s 20 plus years of experience in social work and his history

in the darkness of the new age/occult enables him to discuss the

importance of accountability in today’s world. Accountability

brings us closer to Christ and one another. By holding ourselves

accountable, love, connection, and intimacy are increased with

those we love.





Jeffrey received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of

Nebraska-Lincoln in Psychology, with a minor in transpersonal

and parapsychology.


Jeffrey has served as an ongoing caseworker for Child and Adult

Protective Services for over 20 years.


Jeffrey is a certified SOAR Worker, who helps individuals

suffering from mental illness and homelessness obtain Social

Security Benefits.


Jeffrey currently works with clients on 1:1 Accountability coaching based on his first book: Get Your Act Together, A 30 Day Accountability Journal.


Jeffrey is currently working on his Bachelor’s Degree with Warrior Notes Ministry School.




Personal Life:


Jeffrey lives and works in Omaha, Nebraska, where he enjoys

reading Scripture, praying, using nutrition and supplements,

exercising, helping others, making positive, witty t-shirts, watching

Husker Football, and growing closer to Christ — plus general



Book Excerpt:


On Pride:


“Throughout my healing, God began to show me that even though my heart was in the right place for wanting a Christ-centered engagement and marriage, I just kept pounding away instead of, sometimes, coming to Him to seek answers. I sometimes went into prayer, but not as much as I thought I did. There were so many times that I was in panic or fear because I did not want the relationship to tank, but my pride took over, and I thought I could handle the situation better than God. I was getting guidance from the Holy Spirit on a spiritual way to address the conflict, but when fear dominated the way, the outcome I wanted toward love would falter. I became very aware that fear and pride are the tactics the enemy wants to use to divide our relationships. I learned after parting ways that there were so many situations where I could have just listened better. I could have built her up better instead of trying to push for love and connection at that moment. I learned that I could have stepped back and kept my mouth shut to wait for the right time to discuss instead of the heat of the moment. I feel like love would have prevailed. I have learned so much about being a man.

         In your own life, where does the enemy insert pride in your relationships to divide you further from one another? This issue keeps us from the ultimate connection and love we desire from our soul's depths. Both individuals have to be focused on the goal at hand, which is always unity, harmony, and love. I know I am committed to that in all my relationships, but when the enemy gets me into fear and the spirit of pride, destructive results are more apt to happen than unity and love. This is why prayer is so important. Asking Jesus for wisdom and perspective on the situation is essential. When you enter the spirit of pride, things can go off the rails quickly. You must check your fear meter to stay calm, steady, and centered in Christ’s presence.”




“The author, Jeffrey T. Tierney courageously journeys into the dark night of his soul’s experiences and invites us along with him. The invitation is simply not to journey along with him through his grievous experiences, but through the probing questions he had to ask himself become questions for each of us to consider.  It’s not a kind of sleight of hand, but rather an opportunity to unearth our own buried experience we have done intentionally or unintentionally. The Love Well Letters is not a quick read, but a book that beg us to spend time alone in hopes of finding the healing balm to allow a growing sense of freedom in our lives. It’s a read for those who dare examine oneself and longs to be well.”


Neil Taylor, Author of the Great Unfixables


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