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Walking In Humility Is Accountability:

As I reflect over the past several months, I see parts of myself that I thought weren’t there, but are there. I feel happy in a sense that God uses various people throughout my day to fine tune me and to refine me into the man I am to be. It humbles me in a very profound way, yet at the same time, I am shown who I am truly meant to be. 

In a world where we continue to increase in conflict, don’t be afraid to turn yourself in as my ministry school teacher Dr. Kevin Zadai states. Turn yourself over quickly to God. Ask for the correction. I think the problem that many of us have with accountability is that we have not had emotionally safe people to do this with, and there is such a resistance for correction, that we often times react out fear. It doesn’t need to be this way. In fact, conflict resolution is Biblical and can and will bring about further intimacy and connection.

I am thankful for LaRette. It is daily how Jesus works through her and shows me different things on manhood, scripture and accountability. There are deeper levels on these things than I ever thought. 

My short point for this week is don’t be afraid to have the Holy Spirit show you deeper levels of love, accountability. Seek safe people to do that with. If you are not quite the emotionally safe person you need to be, ask for help with this. Keep on going!

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