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What Would You Do If You Had One Week To Live: Part Three

The final question for question three of the journal is the following: How would you love yourself and others differently? Recently, I have been dealing with a close person in my life. This individual has come and gone due to a lot of fear and trauma that they have endured in their life. Actually, I would say it is evil and extreme wickedness that they have had to endure.

As I thought about this question, I have come to realize that the best anyone can do is to love the way Jesus loved others, and that is unconditionally. With this individual who has come in and out of my life, I have started to understand the importance of making someone feel loved and valued. When someone is in that darkness, the best we can do is pray and to let go, no matter how much we love a person. To me, when we love others, we see that they are a child of God. We separate the behaviors that a person may be doing and work to get to the core roots of the problem in truth, directness, love, and gentleness. We can only do our part as individuals. This does not guarantee that the person will be open or even want to join us on a Christ Centered journey. We have to hold that space and do our part, and let God do the pruning in someone else’s heart. It can be hard to let go. What I can say is that during this time, prayer teams and prayers for myself were taken to the Lord for this person. I did see some movement of messengers of truth for this individual. The more we prayed, the more it stirred up the enemy for wanting to keep this person stuck in hell, but direction was being given to this individuals by Messengers of Truth.

My point on this blog and question is that sometimes we have to love others from a distance. We have to go stealth mode if that person is not able to hear us or join us. Sometimes praying in the Spirit and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit is all we can do. I have learned through this experience that patience can pay off. It’s not the complete result that I wanted to see, but some healing has come out of it. It is up to God and this person to correct their lives path. And to me, after having discussions, it was imperative to keep speaking life and love and the persons worth and value over them. So many people are broken hearted, and we need to come together to speak life and let people know that they are valued. Seeing someones worth can bring miracles into peoples lives.

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