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Loving Yourself Means Loving Your Neighbor Well

For this week, I again thought it might be helpful to push the pause button for a moment to remind everyone that life is precious, and that we don’t know when it maybe taken away from us.

I think for myself in this cycle, I am being called to give to first pause, and evaluate where I need to give to myself, so I am able to give back to others at a more efficient pace. I am also learning that time is one of the most precious gifts we have and that one cannot under estimate the time spent wasting time on meaningless pursuits or broken words. I will clarify this by saying that I am not advocating for perfection or to be controlling. 

We are often in a process with the Lord on healing ourselves, and what I have learned is that requires humility and a moment to moment correction. I have also learned for myself that we cannot take the easy way out, and I see so many people wanting to do that, or easily breaking their words.

I know we are in a time where people do not have their priorities straight and you can be sure that this is by design by Satan and people he puts in positions of authority in many levels. One only needs to go to the Holy Spirit and ask for wisdom and discernment, and you will be given the answers. We waste so much time on things that have nothing to do with God and His Kingdom and how we are to be helping people with their lives work down here on this Earth. I do get it, I lived in a lot of illusions myself for a number of years. I am not judging. We are behind severely on this planet right now and I do think it matters what we do or do not do. It simply does. Had the church acted a few years ago, certain people would not have gotten away with the things they did. You now see that data coming forward daily about the harm certain things have caused individuals. This isn’t a Chevy vs. Ford “piss on your truck” moment, but nonetheless, it needs to serve to the Christian community as a severe wake up call moving forward, because if you think the last few years were wild, you haven’t seen anything yet, unless we stand together in true unity as a church, and the way I see things trending, I am not sure if I see this happening. We are more focused on theatrics then getting to the heart of the matter and the main message.

For myself, I am taking time to focus on my needs and become very sober minded on what I need to heal with and deal with still. Sometimes, it is a very humbling experience with Christ to do this. In addition, I am focusing my energy on people who sew their love into me and to only focus on those individuals at this time. I am simplifying my life and adding simplicity into others lives. If I am making things difficult to those I love, I am asking for correction and feedback. LaRette and Roo have taught me to walk in the light and that is what each of us must do. I do get it. We are all feeling burnt out by the darkness and heaviness right now. If you have that gift of spiritual discernment, you can feel that heaviness and evil daily, which is why, we must put God first, be in stillness, and prayer, and to focus on what are priorities are, and to love those around us, because we don’t know when we maybe called to leave this realm or those we love. We entering the final stretch and we have to finish our race strong.

Ask for discernment in what you put into your body, and this includes food, entertainment, movies, music, and especially words that we speak to ourselves and others. We all have work to do daily with Christ. I encourage you to focus your time and energy on what matters. Slip into obedience with Christ and go to Him with your concerns. Finish your life purpose with commitment, dedication and love. 

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