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Preview of New Book: Post One

For this weeks blog, I wanted my readers to have a preview of my upcoming book that will hopefully be out this year. The book is called Letter’s to Someone. The book is a series of Letters about being close to death and going through the new and occult, and what I have learned to be the most important things that matter to a person for healing and at the end of life or while we are living on Earth.

Over the past month, I have seen myself, my friends, and those I love go through a lot of hard times. It has made me wonder why do things continually go the way they do. Part of my spiritual gifts that I have been told I have been given by the Lord are the prophetic and discernment. Sometimes, I have struggled in my relationships because I see the darkness playing out, and people are not ready to address these issues in themselves.

I work in a profession daily where I listen to call after call of where people are having trauma or what I call evil inflicted upon them. I see same patterns, of same families in and out of the system repeatedly. Often times, I see professionals, teachers, doctors not wanting to ask tough questions. There are a variety of reasons for this, but it keeps people going on the trauma roller coaster, and more importantly, this keeps Satan and his demons to have people right where He wants them, in misery.

I have gotten to a point in my life where I realize that many may never understand the things I have seen in the new age and occult, both on a personal side and what I was involved with academically for years in the world of parapsychology. I have also had to deal with things heal wise that could literally take me off the planet at any time. So my perspective on what is important has changed. I have gotten more direct over the years because I strongly feel that people do not understand how quickly life can be taken from them. Love will be the only thing that matters in the end. Those have been the things that I have learned in a few near death experiences I have had.

Also, I have realized that I have also hit burn out periods in my life that have caused me to be short and inpatient. Recently, I have realized that in the end, the Bible did predict that Christians hearts would grow colder toward one another, and this is what we are seeing. I have had to really step back and examine myself on which direction I was going out of anger and frustration. However, this to me, is always what it takes. The courage to admit when your in the wrong and to not make excuses, say your sorry and to work on your divided heart with the Holy Spirit.

I have started to notice this pattern emerge in Christianity where people think that they can engage in behaviors and “just repent.” They act is if their actions have done no damage and that they are free and forgiven. Yes, this is true, but it almost becomes narcissistic to me the way that I have seen people brush off the damage that they have done to others because they feel such shame and guilt at a deep level. They hide behind the repentance part and never want to discuss the issue again. Repentance part and is the first step needed. However, there is so much guilt and shame swimming in the back of the psyche that the person will tend to run, avoid, or back away because they cannot deal with the pain they have caused the other person. So, they use this tactic as a way to manipulate the other person, instead of working through the process together. There has to be remorse and not a blanket statement of “yes, I have repented.” Yes, this is extremely important to repent, but a period of cooling and working through the damage to me is needed. It doesn’t mean throwing things back in someone’s face either. The other person will need to work through their own process of forgiveness so it is not thrown back in the person’s face. To me, this first step takes place with each person humbling themselves and owning their trespasses instead of running and hiding. It only does more damage.

Part of the reason I feel I was sent back was to help people take accountability for their lives and to commit themselves to a spirit of excellence for the Lord and toward others. This doesn’t mean perfection. To me, it just means being honest, owning your sins, and being willing to say your sorry, and working on your heart to grow closer to those you love without trying to manipulate or dilly dally around making excuses with addressing the issue.

To me, I have seen myself go into direct modes of addressing issues with people when darkness or dysfunction is destroying a relationship, and sometimes that doesn’t go over well. To me and my point of view, sometimes people want hard topics sugarcoated. I don’t know how you address lying, cheating, avoidance, manipulating, or behaviors that are causing duress in a relationship in a sugar coated way. Sometimes things are just how they are. It’s darkness and they need to be brought to the light. They are behaviors and observations that need to be addressed, not the person or an attack on the person. When a person makes excuses or won’t own it, it causes more tension and more problems in the relationship instead of bringing unity, love, forgiveness, and closeness. This is done for many reasons. One, to me, is that Satan wants people stuck in his control, so for someone to admit something, means that they would be freeing themselves toward Christ and Love, and Satan doesn’t like that. Two, people are afraid that if they do admit something that they will be judged and condemned or rejected and left. I will give an example from my own life in my next blog, both of positive ways I handled the situation and ways I failed.

I can only speak from my experience, when someone admits that they are doing something and seeks to change their hearts, it increases my love and trust with them, and makes me feel like we are a team. Likewise, when I do something hurtful and I am called out on it, it makes me go to work with the Lord to get better as a man so I can love and serve more, and not puke my pain out on someone else. We have to stop making excuses about poor behavior. We have to stop damaging one another and loving one another. As christians, we are called to love another. I hold myself accountable in this. We have to work together in having tough conversations, even if it is talking about difficult behaviors that we don’t want to face about ourselves. This is how we grow and get better by confessing our sins to one another.

This is part one of my blog and the letter from my upcoming book will drop next week.

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