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How Other's Show Accountability

This week again, I cover accountability from a different perspective and I plug a company who I believe stands for accountability and helping others with help and that is Nama Juicer. Nama Juicer’s to me are the best and most effective juicer’s out of the market. They extract 60 percent more juices than any juicer and have been pivotal in helping my sustain a baseline of health, and continue to heal from some of the medical issues that I have had to endure.

The first model of the Nama Juicer was excellent, but it had some problems. The company was always great about replacing the top portion of the juicer. They were helpful, attentive, and gave me excellent instruction of how I could clean and keep my juicer working.

Nama recently came out with their Nama 2 juicer to correct some of these issues and it is a night and day difference. My top portion had problems once again, and of course, with great customer service, they offered to replace the part. However, this time, it wasn’t sitting well with me that I would soon be out of warranty and that these problems might continue. It took some conversations and letters back and forth about my health situation and concerns, however, in the end, the company agreed to upgrade me to the new juicer with some of the continued problems I had.

I had been patient. I had asked for direction on what I needed to do correctly and better. However, they corrected their mistake and listened to my concerns, correcting errors on their end.

So, please look into a high quality product and company that stands by their word and will work with you in an accountable way, and will help you heal your body and mind with their great juicer as well!

Check out their website.

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