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Accountability in these Uncertain Times.


What do you feel called to do for this world right now?

My message for this blog is short for today. Given the tyranny which we are living under currently, what it is that you feel called to do for the Kingdom of God. I see a lot of lukewarmness and the body of Christ not speaking up for certain things that are going on in this world right now. Medical dictators, forcing others to put a foreign substance that has never been tested into their Holy Temples, and if they don’t their careers are finished. We have global elites telling us by 2030 that “we will own nothing and be happy about it.” I believe God put us on earth for a reason. Myself, I am not comfortable watching tyrannical people and elites sell our souls or our country out. A simple question, what will you do to stand up for God’s kingdom when there are so many unethical things that keep happening to people world wide.

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