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Who is going to carry the boats and the logs?

Famous Navy Seal David Goggins tells the story of during his third hell week in Navy Seal training when everyone was getting tired, that he began to shout out “whose going to carry the boats and the logs at a fervent pace to stop his team from stopping.

This week, with the weight of the world and the lack of accountability surrounding me, I started to think of this Goggin’s moment when the lack of character and failing was all around me, and all I wanted to do go do was taker a nap because I was mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausted. This famous chant took place when it was cold, no one cared, and everyone was tired. There was no accountability to be seen.

Sometimes, we have be that person to get up and take the lead in life when no one else is doing anything about it. That is what leadership is all about. I realize that I have been angry and bitter about a lot in my life lately, mostly, because I see people half-assing it and not standing up for truth or taking the easy way out. When you meditate on the Word of God, you cannot help but get truth and revelation about what is going on around you. Also, I have once again come full circle to the truth of how important forgiveness is on a regular and consistent basis.

As I right this blog, I am reminded of David Goggins actions, and more importantly Jesus. Sometimes actions speak volumes. Leadership is everything. Planting seeds is everything . In the end, how we conduct ourselves is what matters. Speaking up in the prophetic will matter. Conducting ourselves in our actions, words, and yes, saying difficult things will matter.

Be the first to pick up your cross or as Goggin’s puts it, your own boat and logs, no matter what anyone is doing. Ask other’s to assist you to pick up the boat and logs. If not, tell them the world is watching and the boat will sink if their assistance isn’t given. Challenge them.

Please feel free to watch David Goggins himself at the link below.

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