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There is Light, Don't Let it Go Out:

As I continue to ponder life and the state of the world lately, I am taken to the song by U2 “13, There is a Light.” Specifically, at various times throughout the day or in waking in the middle of the night I have the following lyrics of the song come to me. “I know the world is done, but you don’t have to be. I’ve got a question for the child in you before it leaves. Are you tough enough to be kind? Do you know your heart has its own mind? Darkness gathers around the lights, hold on, hold on.”

The world is a very dark and Sodom and Gomorrah like place. As the Bible predicted in the end days, what would be considered right was wrong, and what was wrong would be considered right. Never has the world been under so much lies and deception as it right now.

I have had to realize that looking for peace in this world is putting my faith in man, and I realize that some of this angst and anger that I have been feeling is because on some level, I am still wanting things of this world. As I sat down to pray, I realized that what I truly want is to just be of service to the Lord and help, and I realize that I can do that day by day, on small, step by step levels. I know my pastor has tried to encourage that for a year, but I realize for me, and the way I see things sometimes from the Lord, the way out of discouragement, is one day at a time, step by step.

For me, I do get the sense that the world is done. I was starting to realize that anger and bitterness was starting to pile up in my heart more and more, and that I was starting to disconnect from life because of the dysfunction of my job and not being able to proceed in my life purpose as fast as I wanted to do. I felt shame and regret as I wasted so many years in the new age and occult, where I could have served the Lord more. However, those are just belief systems and shame from the enemy to keep me trapped. I felt those song lyrics come to me deeply in the still hours of the night. “I’ve got a question for the child in you before it it leaves?” It reminded me of the scripture that to enter the Kingdom, we have to become like little children. I thought that as the world continues to enter into more and more darkness and madness, that we are losing more joy, being programmed for fear, and that I was losing joy. It was like the Lord was asking me, look the dark wants to attack the Light, and I am asking you, don’t lose that child like wonder, even in this darkened time. I’ll keep the light on for you. Stay close to me, like the Tom guy from Motel 6. It’s a lot for us to take in these times and I know one thing that is becoming more and more clear to me each day is that the world is becoming less and less accountable, and we all need to do that for ourselves and each other. Also, we need to build one another up and help each other see value in one another. Let me know your thoughts.

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