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The Love Well Letters: Preview of New Book

For this Thanksgiving, I felt it appropriate to give thanks to Jesus and for the people in my life who have made a difference to me, and to be honest, have been consistent. My new book will be coming out, hopefully at the end of January. I am in the process of reviewing my tester copies, as well as having others reviewing my book before it goes live. This is an important book to me, and as I reflect over the past year and go through this book, I cannot thank Jesus, and the people closest to me for what they have done for me. 

I have struggled to forgive myself at times for what I had engaged in several years ago, and had it not been for the saving grace of Jesus Christ, Pastor Andrew Burnett, Jennifer Lynn, Ashley, LaRette, and George Garrett, and what I am currently learning in ministry school from Dr. Kevin Zadai.  I would not be where I am at today. I simply could not function after being engaged in the new age and occult, and dealing with all of the health issues that have nearly taken me off the planet at times. All glory goes to Jesus Christ, for the restoration and healing that he has brought to my life. I also owe many thanks to the people who have been with me through the darkest of times. 

I wanted to take the time to the following people for helping me birth and bring “The Love Well Letters” into life. Steve Bremmer, Dr. Elina Newman, Jennifer Lynn, Pastor Andrew Burnett, and LaRette. Thank you for giving me the courage to write this and I hope the Holy Spirit uses my testimony to help others become free and write their own letters.

Below, is a sample of what the crux of the book is about. In the upcoming weeks, I will post a few letters from the book. I thank you for the continued support of my work, and as always, get after it!

“It is appointed man once to die, a future from which we cannot escape. When faced with this reality, what truly matters in the end? Having been given a prognosis that my life may end sooner than I had hoped, I examined my life deeply. I wanted to leave a legacy, yet I had no wife or children. This has become the sum of my experiences...Did I love well? Did I love myself well so that I could love others well? 

As a result of coming face to face with death, leaving a past in the New Age and the occult, and the experience of nearly being married, I share my perspective on life and love. Within these pages, a series of letters will speak to your mind, heart, and spirit, prayerfully, cause you to draw closer to the Trinity, deeply examine your life, and help you feel empowered to make changes where there are deficiencies and causing a strengthening of character. May wisdom be gained, and may all learn to love well...these are “The Love Well Letters.” 

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