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The Importance of Follow Through:

After a recent scare of being carted off the football field from severe AFIB in Columbus Ohio, I had taken some time to think about what I had wanted to write on accountability.

I feel a lot of people feel like they have a life purpose for the Lord at this time in history, and for whatever reason, they are not aligned with God’s calling for their lives. I wanted to approach this weeks blog from the aspect of how we as individuals might play a part in someone’s life purpose, specifically, if we hear from the Holy Spirit that we are to help, that we follow through and do it.

I had this sense after another health scare that we truly are connected to one another as God’s kids and that in a larger scheme of things, if we are asked to do something for God to help someone and don’t do it, then perhaps others are missing out on that person’s particular talents or gifts to help the Kingdom of God.

For example, I was called to work an overtime to purchase a keyboard for a friend who was talented in music and going through a hard time. She wrote beautiful music and I saw a picture of her writing music for the Kingdom to help people heal their troubled hearts. I saw this keyboard being used to heal her own trauma with the Lord and her eventually having her own ministry to work with women who had been through her own situation.

I listened to the Lord, worked that extra overtime shift, and purchased the keyboard. This woman told me that she had wanted a keyboard, but could not afford one at the time. The point in this story is to not bring glory to myself. It is to honor the Lord and the gifts that He gives to his people and what He maybe asking me or you to d to help others on Earth to fulfill their mission for His Kingdom.

Just think of the ramifications if we are being asked to give or help someone with something for their life purpose of Earth? What type of ripple effects could it have in their own Kingdom purpose, which could then touch the lives of others? It takes great faith to listen the voice of the Holy Spirit when being asked to these things. This doesn’t have to be financial either. It can come in several ways.

I feel like we are behind on this planet. There are so many people who need help with so many things and they are not aligned with God’s calling for their lives. I know I am behind because of choices I have made. Yet, I chose each day to have God reveal my Book of Life purpose and to help those people that He wants me to help in whatever way I can do. Again, it’s not about bringing glory to myself. It is also about me being being accountable and doing the daily things I can to get to where I need to get to myself with the Lord.

I think about some of the small things I have been able to accomplish and the bigger goals I have not been able to accomplish because of medical debt. It has taught me what truly matters in life. To be a steward of what God has blessed me with and to take care of what God has given me. To pursue my dreams. To bless others when I can and to listen to God when He asks me to give to others.

I have seen the Lord ask me to provide basic needs to people. I remember the times in my own life when I did not have the simple funds to do some of those things. I see peoples minds and hearts light up. I see that burden eased and now the next step gets revealed to what they need to be doing in their life.

These are the types of effects we can have on others if we listen to God. There is so much anti-life agenda and fear on this planet. Satan has many people that He employs in every institution where these agendas are being pushed and are being played out. We have to stand up and counter act these agendas with Christ’s love, and help as many people come into their life purpose so we can be the Salt of the Earth and serve. Time is short. There is a sense of urgency. People are burnt out. In survival mode. It was never designed to be this way. We have to come together as Christians and as a human race to design new systems that help us thrive in true health, peace, unity, and love.

As you go about your week, think about how the Holy Spirit can help you serve others on their life purpose.

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