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Remaining Steadfast:

Today, I felt compelled to write about remaining steadfast. What is the biblical definition of steadfast? The the word for steadfast in the original Hebrew is “chesed (pronounced kheh'-sed) and it refers to God's devout loving-kindness, mercy, and faithfulness at the very core of His character and actions. God is steadfast. Therefore, His love is steadfast – unwavering, faithful, and kind.”

As I examine my own life and those I know at a very deep level, we are all being squeezed like a grape at this time. With my new book coming out, one of the main themes in the book is to become aware and clear of what your true priorities are in life. So many things of this world are used as distractions by the enemy and the think tanks of this world to distract us from our Book of Life Purpose as Psalms 139 mentions, and to cut off our connection with God and the Holy Spirit. This is in every institution in the world, including the church. We must remain steadfast in our journey with the Lord, and before we begin our day, devout our lives and time to him. 

To me, even if it is only five minutes, when we take the time to honor and praise God, we have abundant amounts of energy to tackle the issues that we have to face throughout the day, and are able to give back to ourselves and those we love the most.

One of the things that I often hear when I am working in 1:1 accountability sessions with clients is that they have not often figured out what their priorities in life are and their environment and choices do not reflect that on a moment to moment, day to day basis. It’s not obsessive, but if you want to head in the right direction with the Lord, you must “turn yourself in as my ministry school teacher says,” and be willing to receive that correction from the Lord daily. 

In my opinion, you have to have a teachable spirit. You must read and reflect on God’s word daily. You must learn God’s character and seek to show that in your daily actions toward yourself and others. Will be perfect, no? Will you fail? Yes. But when you do, you learn to turn yourself in quickly to the the Holy Spirit for a course correction to right your life. That is why learning this definition of steadfastness is so important in these times.

Being involved in the new age and occult, I see a lot of things being played out in politics and on the world stage. Some have asked me to write a future book on this. We as a church must stand up to some of this nonsense and preach the gospel. We have to unplug from the worlds system at this time. In the end, binge watching Netflix is not going to matter. Perhaps helping a single mother get a water system that puts pure, healthy water into her system instead of unhealthy tap water so she can care for her children would be time better spent working an overtime shift instead of numbing out.

I am not perfect. I have my wounds I am working on daily. However, take some time to think about how steadfastness and figuring out what truly matters in terms of priorities can improve you walking in the Spirit to help yourself and those you love. In Jesus Name.

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