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Putting Away Foolish Pride:

In this weeks blog, we will explore the topic of pride. Specifically from the book, we will be exploring question 4. Where does the spirit of pride stop you from growing closer to others in your life?

As I have reflected on this question for the week, I am still feeling that there is a part of myself that thinks I can do things better than God, and that I have these moments where fear and pride can sneak in. I go into the soul wound realm by trying to solve complex problems through the will and emotions, instead of connecting with God and the Holy Spirit. I seem to think that my way is better than God’s. This is false. I have also noticed that there can be a Spirit of Fear that is attached to pride. It’s repetition and consistent awareness that help us break this cycle.

When we let fear and pride run us, it stops growth and creates intimacy issues in our close relationships. I have really been working on when there is a conflict, to go to prayer immediately and ask the person who I may have a conflict with to pray with me. When we go into the fight or flight mode, pride and fear tend to be the automatic direction that we align ourselves with in that given moment.

For myself and I am not sure why I regressed, but I have been taking the time to go to prayer immediately and find scriptures that cast out fear. Isaiah 58:11 has been a big one for me. “The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and strengthen your bones. You shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.”

This is a powerful verse, especially for the times we live in. Over the next week, take the time to explore how pride gets in the way of intimacy. In an upcoming book, I talk about writing your own code of conduct. Men tend to have codes that they live by, but I think this same concept can be applied to children and women. What type of code do you want to live by for yourself, Christ, and toward others, no matter how they react? If you think about this concept, how would it decrease the pride that you are displaying toward others in life?

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