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Mirroring Accountability:

Last week I had a dream with my father. My relationship was not good with him growing up or in my adult years. However, through this dream, I was able to see my father through a different lens. One, that I still needed to forgive him for a few things, and two, that he did have a high standard of accountability, and that he had tried to instill that to me in a few areas that I had lacked earlier in my adult life. Reflecting on this dream, I could see where we butted heads a lot where I attempted to bring healing to his wounded soul and to take accountability areas of his personality that were unkind and unloving, and yet, at the same time, he was trying to bring healing to areas of my life that would have helped me avoid damage from the enemy. I can see now that my father’s discipline in some areas of life have been a positive trait that have been passed down to me, and have actually saved my life on what I have had to deal with health wise.

Which is why question five in the journal is so important to review when working with the Holy Spirit. As I review this question, I can truly see how I was blinded by some anger and how I missed this lesson with my father. This is what I always encourage people to do with one another in any type of relationship. Instead of letting pride rule you, how can you learn from one another? Whatever area you are weak in, allow that person to refine you so that those areas of weakness can become your strengths. Invite the Holy Spirit into your relationship so He can work with you to heal your wounds and pride. When two people work from this space, love and fellowship reign, and good fruit is produced.

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