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Loving Your Body Temple Well!

This week, I would like to focus on taking accountability for our physical health. In ministry school, I am learning that things can be happening on a physical/bio-chemical level, a psychological/soul/trauma level, or a spiritual/demonic level. There are other things that are happening in this world as well, and I will keep those to myself at this time, but one only has to be observant to things in terms of land, water, air, medicine, food etc. to find the connections that things that we are being exposed to are not helping us in anyway shape or form.

In my talks with LaRette, I have learned deeply from some of the things I once did to my body. I had the help of a very skilled herbalist and nutritionist. After some hard things happened in life, I relapsed back on potato chips every now and then. I went for healthier kinds, but the seed oils in it seemed to have a causal link with inducing seizures in me. I learned that I could not be the man that God created me to be if I were shoveling crap into my system and causing these types of events to happen. I had to stop making excuses and do a deep dive into why I craved this. I learned from another natural doctor that some of these cravings I were having were from the lacking of certain minerals in my body, and sometimes, from plain boredom and feeling alone on my journey. As I learned to course correct with the Lord on this, and through my health course in ministry school, more became clear to me. I just did not have the desire to punish my mind or body, or take away my ability to love myself, others, or provide in the future. Through my conversations with LaRette and Jesus as my life coach, and through past conversations, this is what I learned.

If anyone has read any of my books, you know the severity of what I have gone through in my health journey. I am not throwing stones. As my ministry school teacher’s nurse said a few weeks ago, “we can pray and fast all we want, but if we don’t take care of our physical bodies and care for it, we will leave prematurely.” This is truth and hard facts that no one seems to want to discuss or talk about. We can have our nice donuts and junk, but if you notice the church, we tend to be obese, overweight and sick, and to me, this is being done on purpose. The enemy wants us sick and off the planet so he does not have to contend with us. I am not saying that things do not happen. Obviously I was born with something that I didn’t have control over, however, as LaRette says, “when we know better, we do better.” That is why, what I have learned, god is interested in my health, my healing, me excelling. He is interested in what I eat, what I put into my body and what is not good for me.

I will take it a step further in that everyone is different. I don’t rail on systems anymore. One food, nutritional program maybe good for one person and not good for another. I am not here to get into a debate about that. It’s different and I think we need to stop shoving that down peoples throats and take it by a case by case basis. Everyone has different needs. However, I can say that the Bible does lay out interesting answers in Genesis and after Genesis as to what is good for us down here to be eating. I would pray for guidance on this topic. This cannot be denied. Movement and physical exercise is good for us. Sunlight. Mobility. Strength. We cannot assist the Kingdom of God if we cannot function.

I encourage all of you to pray about this. This isn’t about racing or doing marathons, although I really do miss that part of my life. However, take some time to pray about what you need to be doing to detox and to repair and to get movement into your life. Don’t be afraid to do this. We are at a time in history where we need the church and it’s body to step up. We cannot do that if we are not taking care of ourself. If you are a church, ditch the crap and start reaching out for healthy food. The madness needs to stop. We need to be healthy and effective.

Learn healthy, fun, alternatives to things. Trim Health Momma does a great job with this. I am have no ties to them, but they do a great job of breaking things down and providing tasty sweets to those who need them. Thank you Heavenly Father for moving the Body of Christ to health and taking care of their Heavenly Temples in these last days. Bring discernment to the body about deception on all levels about what they are being asked to put into their mouths and any other substances that could bring long-term harm in your name Jesus. Have a good weekend!

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