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Love is the Only Baggage You Can Bring:

I woke up this morning to a rolling storm going through Omaha. I felt wired and hadn’t been able to sleep. This isn’t my typical pattern. I thought about some strongholds that I had recently been fighting through and how part of accountability is consistent repentance, something that Satan has wanted the church to move away from in this day and age.

The lyrics to U2’s song Walk On came to my head. Specifically, the following: “And love is not the easy thingThe only baggage that you can bring And love is not the easy thingThe only baggage you can bring Is all that you can't leave behind.” It is funny how the enemy wants us trapped sometimes in the same old pattern, over and over again. I think in these times all we can do is to stay the course, weather the storm and do as Psalm 91 instructs and enter into the secret place with God. Where nothing can harm us, no matter how hard the enemy wants to tempt us.

This week, I encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit for areas of where your flesh is weak and where you maybe tempted by the enemy. Focus on journal question nine for the week. What steps are you taking to move toward God’s calling in your life?

Enter into the rest and stillness in Psalm 91 as well.

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