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Living from Your Book of Life: Part Two

My hope over that past few weeks is that you have had time to sit down with the Holy Spirit and pray about your Book of Life purpose. I know for myself, the last few weeks have been extremely difficult and challenging at my job. I work a very stressful job for CPS and APS, and have finally come to the point where I am not inspired to continue this work. I feel the Lord is directing me for several life purposes outside of my day job. I have been having daily talks with the Lord because I have felt so angry. I have reached my point where I don’t want to take phone call after phone call with trauma. It has become too much and my heart wants to be elsewhere.

I have always found it interesting that others can be used as a powerful conduit for the Holy Spirit by giving a word of knowledge or wisdom when it comes to someone’s life purpose. I know for myself when I had my practice and was working with clients, a lot of ideas came to me of how to help others find their life’s work.

The question I have been thinking about this week: How can we remain loving in our jobs when it causes us so much anger or lack of peace? I have found myself asking the Lord for strength, patience, and peace. I have thanked God for my job and all that I have. I gave praise that I am moving toward my Kingdom goals. I have thanked God for finding me a new job, one that can use my gifts and talents for Jesus. A job that energizes me and helps me thrive on a daily basis, instead of feeling heavy and worn down.

I have found that all of these things have helped my cope, and put myself into a calmer state of mind. Being in the Word has helped me stay centered in my spirit and out of the soul wound realm. Throughout the days, I have to catch myself when I am going into the emotional realm and not living from my spirit. I have found this to be a back and forth battle over the past few weeks.

What are your thoughts and ideas about how to overcome frustrations in the workplace?

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