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Day by Day!

Last Thursday, I suffered a pretty significant seizure. On my way to the doctor, the song by Live “They Stood Up For Love” came to my mind. The Lyrics are as follows: “We spend all of our lives goin' out of our minds. Looking back to our birth, forward to our demise. Even scientists say, everything is just light. Not created, destroyed but eternally bright. Masters in everytime lord in everyplace. Those who stood up for love down in spite of the hate. In spite of the hate.”

The lyrics really hit me of how much I had continued to spiral out of control into the spirit of fear. I had been so much focused on the future, that I had quit living in the present moment. This is what the system has done to us over the past few years, it has instilled massive fear and control into our lives. I have had to really unplug from myself for the last five days to get my mind and heart be being centered in the Word of God. To take one day at a time, and to stop “going out of my mind, because that is what Satan and the elites wanting us doing everyday. They want us in fear. They want us in panic.

My challenge for you this week is to contemplate this concept. Spending everyday going out of your mind, looking back to your birth, and looking forward to your demise. Ask the Holy Spirit of how you can complete your Book of Life Mission each day, and stay on task, and be in the present moment each day, yet still plan ahead without being in fear. Leave your comments.

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