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Always take ownership!

I wanted to spend some time this week on writing about accountability from the perspective of what I deal with on a daily basis on taking phone calls at CPS and what I have been seeing from friends and love ones in my own life.

There is such a spirit of fear of taking ownership of things that need to be solved on a professional and personal level that sometimes need to be handled internally first. I think of things like a chain of command, and before we proceed to the next level, one must first think of the proper questions to ask and make sure all of the proper protocols and questions have been asked before taking the next corrective actions. I see people blaming and pointing fingers, rather than starting with themselves or what they can do to solve problems or trying to pawn the problem off to someone else instead of working together or looking at themselves on how they find the solution to rectify the problem. There doesn’t seem to be much of a personal accountability anymore. “It’s not my problem.” False. We are all in this together and we all have parts in this. I will do my part and you need to do yours and we need to come together. However, this has been an ancient type of thought pattern we have been dealing with since the fall of man. Separation, blame, greed, pride. Satan’s thought system. Yes, we need to be self-sufficient and responsible, but we must also work together.

I have learned a great deal from my pastor, Diana, Jennifer, LaRette, and my supervisors, that sometimes less is better or the phrasing in the way that we ask questions is important. I have also seen that the general overall effort and discipline of society is one of excuses, fear, laziness, and wanting to do the bear minimum, or simple lack of a spirit of excellence and education. This leads to trouble.

Lately, I have also come to the conclusion that we all have gone through trauma or rejection, and there can be fear on taking up and owning our own failures to become masters of our own craft or lives in every area. Trauma, or simply evil to me, is something that must be dealt with on a deep level and it seems like things continue to get worse and worse, with not much improvement. This is another topic for another today, but I would like to challenge all of you today reading, where putting in minimal effort?” it.

In my book, specifically question 4, I ask the following. Where does the spirit of pride stop you from growing closer to other in your life? How does this keep you stunted on your Christ path? In the following weeks, I will dive deeper into these concepts. I have started a 1:1 accountability coaching practice and in my practice, I am working with clients on discipline and how our fears and so many outdated belief systems hold us back from walking with the Lord on a daily basis. This includes myself. I reflect back over the past year, and I can see where the enemy has held me back in pride or fear. This is where the willingness to grow, acknowledge our sins, and repent must come in. We have to be willing to acknowledge we have issues in order to grow and change and heal. If not, there will continue to be issues in our life. I challenge you to sit down in prayer with the Holy Spirit to look at the short cuts you are taking in your life that does not produce fruit in all areas of your life.

Finally, my little sister introduced me to Andrew McMahon when I was really sick. For some reason, this song has stuck with me from his new offering lately, and healing any past trauma's that we have.

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