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Accountability Blog: Living your Life Purpose for the Lord. Are you Aligned?

As each of us continue to grow and live our lives focused on living for the Lord, I want to approach the concept of accountability of how are you ignoring God’s calling for your life? In moment’s of stillness, does God whisper to you “I need you to go back to school or start a business and do you ignore it?

About six months ago, I had an experience in prayer where I felt that each one of God’s children had their own ministry that they needed to be doing. For whatever reason, if it was fear, the enemy, or the unwillingness to take steps toward it, God had specific people waiting for us to minister too in the world. The more we jacked around and did not adhere to listening to God’s calling for our lives and Him working through us, the more it was creating a ripple effect for those that we were supposed to help.

For this week, I encourage you to sit down in your secret place with the Lord as Psalm 91 discusses and ask the following question: Are you in alignment with God’s plan for your life, and if not, what steps do you need to be taking to do so? I know this can be scary and overwhelming, but it is so important to do. Think of how the Lord wants to use you and work through you to spread the message of the gospel and to help others with their own life purpose to help others. This is something that Satan doesn’t like happening down on earth. As you look around, everyone in power or the 1 percent have an anti-life agenda. It’s completely apparent. By 2030 they say “we will own nothing and be happy about it.” It’s the churches job to come against the satanic agendas on this earth for the Kingdom of God. That is our job and more and more is see the Body of Christ remaining silent instead of speaking up and standing against the darkness in the World. We still must be accountable in these times.

If you are in fear about this, I encourage you to read Psalm 2. That’s all I have to say for myself this week.

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