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Welcome to Sound Mind

I want to inspire you to live from a place of purpose and love in your life and to be the best version of yourself that God intended you to be. 


Sound Mind uses Books, 1:1 Accountability Coaching, Witty and Positive T-Shirts, and custom herbal tinctures to help everyone achieve their Life Purpose Mission for the Kingdom of God on Earth.






Hello, I'm Jeff!

If you knew you were going to die, how would you start to live your life differently?

What areas of your life would you make changes to?

How would you love yourself and others differently?

Accountability Coaching

Jeff's 1:1 Accountability Coaching and Journaling Sessions are designed to help with growth in areas such as spiritual, mental, emotional, financial, physical, and the destiny that God created for you on this earth to live out.


These sessions are about identifying barriers that hinder you from living out your God-given purpose enabling you to become all that God intends for you to be.

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Get Your Act Together

30-day Accountability Journal

It's time to start taking an inventory of yourself — your thoughts, feelings, words, actions, and attitudes toward yourself and others.

This book will help you get your act together and hold yourself accountable to the Spirit within.

"This journal provides freedom and space to deep dive with the Holy Spirit looking into one’s current level of self accountability and find areas ready for great growth!! The questions are bold and to the point, yet from a place of love to encourage removing hindrances and allowing God to step in and shape you into who you are created to be!! Buckle up for some hard but key questions that could propel you farther into genuine and powerful change!!"

--Jennifer L.


"At first glance, you see the simplicity until you really
dig into the accountability prompts in this journal.
Taking that deeper step toward healing and
accountability for yourself to become a better person
in any relationship type you will encounter in your
walk through this world."

--Jody H.

"This book is an excellent guide and starting point to prompt personal reflection and self-inventory to build one’s integrity and character towards the development of accountability in life and relationships. Use the questions in the front of the book to give careful consideration of one’s ways. You are in charge of your own growth and this book lays the tracks on which you can build a solid foundation."


"This book definitely makes me stop and think about the things in my life I need accountability. I am a mom of two, wife, and professor, so it was refreshing to be able to work on the book and it not be time consuming. This book has definitely helped me all around."

--Jessica H.

"This spiritual guide allows you to reflect and be accountable for your actions. I like the Holy Bible inspirational passages that Mr. Tierney adds throughout the book. This book helps to guide you to being the best you that you can be."

--Chance L.

Love Centered Tees

We've got merch!

Find a t-shirt that inspires you to live from a place of purpose and love in your life and to be the best version of yourself that God intended you to be.

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Coming Soon!

Herbals and Teas


Since working with Jeff, I have been able to establish a daily prayer life and time in God‘s word. I’ve been able to reach some of my financial goals, and have overall felt more prepared to live and walk in the spirit. Learning from him has helped my self confidence and learning how to deal with generational strongholds has given me power over the enemy. I am so grateful for Jeff and the work he does.

-- Christina Spain, client

Jeff Tierney has a sincere, intense passion for making a difference in this world, calling people to elevate their lives through personal growth and accountability.  If you’re comfortable where you are and with life as it is, then his writings are not for you. But if you’re ready and willing to do the hard work of change, then Jeff’s writing is exactly what you need to start to shake things up.  Check out his book, blog, and store, which features bold shirts that make a statement.

- DS, colleague

Coaching sessions with Jeff  have been very insightful for my little family. He listens to things that I have concerns on and works through them with me. The goal for Jeff is to make me a better person in Christ and be the person Christ wants me to be.

--Jillian V, client

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