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The Fear of Accountability:

What makes accountability so scary?

I look around at the world today and ask myself everyday what is so hard about taking accountability for the parts of our hearts and head that need healing. I think one of the things that I come to believe that the enemy wants is to keep us stuck in the evil and wickedness (trauma) that has been done to us. I have come to realize that those who have suffered the most evil seem to be the biggest threat to Satan’s kingdom, and have a mighty purpose to fulfill for Christ and the Heavenly Father on Earth.

A failure of today’s modern churches is that they do no equip the body with how to take authority in the name of Jesus over the enemy. This is sad because we don’t have to take a beating from the enemy or let doors open.

What I encourage you to do for an exercise is to sit down with the Holy Spirit and ask Him where the enemy is attempting to keep you stuck in sadness, pain, depression, and what the enemy’s battle plan is for keeping you stuck from your Book of Life Purpose for the Kingdom. Journal, write these things down so you begin to take authority over ever area of your life. I suggest the book Prayer’s that Route Demons by John Eckhardt.

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