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Accountability Blog: Not Selling Out and Not Going Rogue:

On Veteran’s Day, I found it fitting to discuss some of the things that I have been working on for the past several months in terms of accountability. As I have taken sometime off, and am preparing for the release of my second book, I have realized a lot of things about myself, and areas where I still lack accountability.

I don’t listen to secular music at all anymore, and If I do, there are only a couple of bands. Recently, I listened to a few songs from U2’s concert at the Sphere in Las Vegas. In the song UltraViolet, Light My Way, Bono had changed some of the lyrics and it really hit me at a deep level. “I guess it’s the price of love, the price of love is always too cheap.” As with most U2 songs, this song speaks of religious interpretations. Some have heard an allusion to the Book of Job 29:2–3 tale of God serving as a lamp upon Job's head walking through the darkness.[9] Robyn Brothers suggests that ultraviolet light is "a metaphor for a divine force both unseen to the naked eye and ultimately unknowable to the human intellect."[13] Conversely, Steve Stockman, author of Walk On: The Spiritual Journey Of U2, sees "Ultraviolet" as being about Bono's wife Ali Hewson, and "how when he feels like trash, she makes him clean," but says there is good reason to interpret the song as being just as much about God.[14]

As I heard Bono change the lyrics to the price of love is always to cheap, it made me go deep into sort of a crisis mode. I began to think about the classes I had been taking for ministry school and what my teacher said. People had a point to where they would sell out and go rogue and Jesus was always wise to this. I got to the point where I was critical of this, but as I took some time to sit down with the Holy Spirit and ask for where the enemy was coming at me, I began to see where I was still going rogue in my life and where I could potentially be selling myself out. These past several months and deep conversations with LaRette have been life changing, but hearing that lyric changed me on an even deeper level. I finally got a battle plan where I could see true vulnerabilities where I could sell out and where I could go rogue, and I didn’t like it. I could clearly see where love has always been important to me and where in these critical areas, “I was putting love as a cheap thing.” However, with this new found clarity from the Lord, I had taken this time off to re-write some things new in my upcoming book “The Love Well Letters and get refocused.

I have really been guided to study Proverbs 9:10 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” True repentance is key and this is something as my ministry school teacher has taught on that satan has taken out of the churches teaching.

This weekend, as we think about the Veterans who have given and sacrificed and sometimes have been used as pawns to defend our country, think about the ways that you can start to show courage and accountability for yourself and others in your life. Think of how you can be a soldier for Christ. Think about ways that you would be tempted to sell your soul to the enemy in gain for earthly pleasures. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the Fear of the Lord, wisdom and revelation to where love is cheap in your life, and where the Lord can bring correction to you so you can start to change course, and live in love and holiness for God and those you love.

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